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            Welcome to Dongguan Shengbaiwei Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
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            EXC-305 a font sealing machine | EXC-320 vertical box machine
            • Professional design and development team

              Shengbaiwei continue moving forward two decades, training a group of high-tech scientific and technical personnel, with a complete design and development team continues to practice and innovation for you to create a more perfect, more suitable for your ...
            • Professional production certification

              Shengbaiwei with advanced production lines, improve the management system, all kinds of products passed certification authority, won the national high-tech enterprise and a variety of special certificates, the first to enter the European market, and won the world's top...
            • Professional sales team

              Shengbaiwei committed to providing our customers with the most rationalized market economy-oriented, practical-oriented packaging solutions, has a professional sales engineers throughout to solve your packaging problems, personalized design, closer to the ...
            • Professional service

              Shengbaiwei in the production and sales process, train a number of perfect after-sales team, get your cooperation and support of high-quality products and attentive service.

            Sealing and cutting shrinking machine

            Machines produced in strict accordance with international standards, import control components. Using a specially designed sealing knife, sealing strong, no cracking, non-stick knife. Product shrinkage rate, good contraction effect. Stable and reliable. Widely used in production packaging assembly line jobs, reduce production costs and improve production efficiency.

            Box machine

            Shengbaiwei according to market requirements, development and production of box machine series. Also called carton box machine molding machine, large quantities of automatic carton box supporting pipeline operations, the machine adopts PLC and touch screen control, easy to operate, is essential for automated production equipment.

            Sealer Benefits Features

            Simple operation, reasonable design, safe and reliable, to enhance the efficiency and aesthetics of it with a stick in the packaging industry is unique. Has been widely used in home appliances, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries.

            Packing Machine

            Shengbaiwei research and development of the packing machine series, this automation market has welcomed the new equipment, to meet the different packaging form will not affect the work efficiency, improve food safety and hygiene, for enterprises to reduce costs and improve efficiency. , Providing rationalization, standardization of packaging.
            Vader paper towels
            Vader paper towels

            Vader moment to innovation and progress, and sharp eyes insight into market demand, product innovation to meet changing consumer demands. In addition to focus on the production of high-quality house…

            King hundred mountain
            King hundred mountain

            Superb natural environment gives Sedum quality mineral resources hundred mountain, all have been to the mountain a hundred people say Sedum hundred mountain natural mineral water has a first-class e…


            Innovative and pragmatic, beyond the self, the pursuit of excellence, the spirit of co-operation and this philosophy, the innovation as the basis for the development of enterprises, Shengbaiwei hono…


            Panasonic has always been adhering to the "through the production, sales activities, improve and enhance the social life over the years to provide, including refrigerators, televisions, air purifica…

            Shengbaiwei Introduction

            Shengbaiwei Introduction

            Dongguan Shengbaiwei Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and manufacture of automatic winding machine | automatic folding sealing machine | corner sealing machine. The company has a professional design team, an independent research and development center, a visual and intuitive sales exhibition hall and a group of professional sales engineers...


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            Tel: 0769-22618036 81111989 8111197 981111969
            Fax: 0769-22608236
            Website: http: //www.logotive.com
            Liao Bu Town, Dongguan City Industrial Park Hui drug Lebo
            Dongguan Sheng Budweiser Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. for the record number: Guangdong ICP No. 14023821
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